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How To Kitchen Lighting Fixtures With Hang

Kitchen lighting fixtures – Replace the fixtures of your kitchen are a way to leave it with a modern look, regardless of make it work as a standalone or as part of a total refurbishment of the room. You can even perform this task, especially if the new fixture is staying in the same place as the old.

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Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Ceiling


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Kitchen lighting fixtures

  1. Turn off the power circuit to fix the main electrical box. Tell people not to connect to power during the installation of the new equipment. Make sure you have turned off the circuit properly.
  2. Turn the canopy from the ceiling and use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the awning metal device. The canopy is a flat cover plate that covers the electrical box in the ceiling.
  3. Release kitchen lighting fixtures the twist connectors (they usually have orange plastic covers) to expose the wires that connect the fixture towards the lines of the electrical box. Make sure the power is off once again using an electrical test on the wires.
  4. Disconnect the wires from the fixture leaving the power box and lower carefully the luminaries.
  5. Remove the electrical box by unscrewing or lifting it from the ceiling beam, if you are stuck in it.
  6. Lift one of the connectors on the side breaks the electrical box using a screwdriver. They are the metal tabs, round, the sides and top of the electrical box, which are used to completely run wires inside. Use a plug that is close to the cable connector, which is a flap located inside the electrical box with function of protecting the cable, preventing it rub against the sharp edge of breaking plug.
  7. Slide the power cord coming out of the electrical box through the breach plug, taking it down the cable connector. Pull about 15 cm of the cable through and then secure it set up by tightening the screw on the cable connector. To secure the cable to the connector, use your part covered by the sheath, not the individual wires.
  8. Slide the electrical box into the hole and secure it in one of the ceiling beams.

9. Measure and cut the wires of the new kitchen lighting fixtures using a wire cutter so that the wires from the electrical box and those from the installation are on the right size. If there is a chain to hang the lamp, remove the connections enough to get the correct size.

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